Sunday, December 11, 2016

Altering Michigan Wetlands

Selections from “A Property Owner’s Guide to Wetland Protection in Michigan”

MSU Extension

“Most people are familiar with the cattail or lily pad wetlands found in areas of standing water, but wetlands can also look like grassy meadows, shrubby fields, or mature forests in areas that are wet enough to alter the soils and plants that are present.”

“A permit from the [Michigan Department of Environmental Quality - MDEQ] is required … to authorize construction activities including filling, dredging, draining, and construction or operation of a use or development in a wetland.”

“If a permitted activity results in the significant loss of wetlands, your permit may require
mitigation, that is, the replacement of the lost wetland area and its public benefits through restoration, creation, or in some instance preservation of other wetlands.”