Thursday, February 13, 2014

DWSD Critic Became DWSD Mouthpiece

Who wrote this?  Who was the spot-on critic who told it like it is?

“The corruptive influences within the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) over the last several decades raise doubts that the city should remain in control of the operation.”

“...[A]ccusations ran rampant that DWSD awarded millions in no-bid contracts, failed to collect from deadbeat customers and was guilty of gross mismanagement. Some contracts were awarded on the basis of favoritism rather than qualifications.”

“...Detroit officials may be incapable of preventing corruption from polluting the operation.”

“We can only speculate why DWSD is the poster child for Detroit corruption. It may be that inherent in the DWSD structure are all the elements of a perpetuating self-corrupting entity. Whether the water department’s besmirched reputation could be made whole under a restructured regional authority is conjecture.”

This was written by none other than Bill Johnson, Media Sage, shortly before he was bought off, strike that, hired by DWSD as Resident Mouthpiece.

Those downtown government offices all seem to have revolving doors, with the same cast of characters coming and going.  And I’m just talking about the city.  Now think about the county.  Musical chairs.  And a recipe for bankruptcy, city and county.

Where are the fresh, new faces?  Fresh, new ideas?  I suspect most of them left for cleaner, greener pastures.  But I think I see a few on the new City Council.  Let’s hope.

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